The labyrinth

“How will we ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering?”
-Alaska Young, Looking for Alaska
It’s a labyrinth, a never ending maze. You’re never getting out of it, not alive anyway. It’s difficult to understand, to comprehend why, but as you think about it, you realize, it’s really simple.
You see, life, he’s an Erudite, and he knows exactly how to keep you in the labyrinth. He’ll strike when you least expect it; when you think the suffering has finally ended, he’ll show you his true face, in phases, one by one. He’ll trick you, making it seem like Halloween every minute, every day you spend in his labyrinth.
“Trick or Treat”. Darling, you came in for a treat, and you got one; but there’s more to your life’s Halloween than just that, it just doesn’t end. In this lifelong Halloween, life celebrates in its own unique way. Here, it isn’t   “trick or treat”. It’s “Trick, Treat, Trick, Treat, Trick…..Dead”. He’ll treat you with all the mirth in him, all the bliss at your doorstep. You’ll feel the beatitude. You will jump, dance and sing out of happiness. But, one day when you sit down on your porch as you behold a genuine grin on your face, you’ll trigger a signal; that grin is the signal that life was waiting for. He’ll swat into your face, as you writhe in misery. He’ll turn your world upside down. Your jumping will cease, the dancing will break you leg. Suddenly, your singing will fetch you melancholy and you will face the creatures your mother warned you about. You will be down in a dump. Life will have tricked you. Then, life will restart its process, begin plotting another trick; enchantment, joviality and then *boom* comes woe, weeping and then another plan. When finally, life does run out of tricks and treats for you, it will leave you. Then, Death will come for you. Now death, she’s part of Amity. She will be your Ariadne
And, that is how you will get out of this labyrinth.
“Life is like a story, when all the resolution is resolved; you heave a sigh of relief. “
-Michael Bassey Johnson


3 thoughts on “The labyrinth

  1. Hi Mukthi,
    I’ve enjoyed reading your two posts. I love the title of your blog also – sounds haunting but beautiful. Thank you for your representations on a colour that is nearly always seen as negative and for your take on life. For a 17year old you seem quite wise 🙂
    Do continue to write and give pleasure and satisfaction to both yourself and your readers. Best wishes.


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