Black is an overwhelming colour. Black is beautiful as well as base. Black provokes thoughts and inspires, both towards positivity and negativity. Black stands out.

Black evokes strong emotions. For instance, a black dress is both a mourning wear and a party wear, both a celebration and a condemnation. Black makes you think evil but it also seems to calm you down. How, you ask? Well, isn’t black both the symbolisation of evil as well as the colour of the shivalingam? Isn’t black seductive as well as sadist?

Black represents sophistication. Black evening gowns are elegant and sing of glamour, but aren’t black holes a mystery? Isn’t black a representative of secretive and gauche? Don’t we all try covering up our flaws with something black? Black is frequently associated with law, solemnest and business, however black is also a portrayal of witches and magic.

If you ask me, Black defines life. Black emphasises life’s story, accentuates its accomplishments and masks its misfortunes. Think about it, black signifies almost all components of our lives, both magnificent and malevolent alike. Black stands for all that our life consists of, happiness and harrow, lust and disgust, known and the unknown, morality and miscreant, elegance and evil. Life described in one word would be “BLACK”.


22 thoughts on “Black

  1. Black is so much.. as a physicist I see it’s the absence of color (and white is all colors).. to me they are the backdrop, or the canvas where we paint life upon. Both are always there, and needed to define the colors of life.. Thank you for commenting on my post.


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