The Pushes

They mocked me, with their mud-filled mouths ,

They shamed me, with their soul-less swearsΒ 

They insulted me with their inert indecorous ideas

They degraded me with their damned demeanour

And I let them , let them pull me down

I cried each time they commented

I frightened each time they fooled

Frightened that my move will attract more hate

More comments, more insults and many more shames

Them mockery was like a push,

A push down the tall tall scraper

Every word, as if pushed me closer to the edge

The harder I tried not listening ,

The harder I tried resisting

the harder it got to cover up emotional fears of mine

On the edge, there I stood, resisting them.

Atleast trying to, trying too hard.

Then it struck me and I stopped.

Stopped resisting. Stopped trying.

And I only stood there.

But as was obvious, they didn’t stop.

They pushed me down,

for their moments of laughter.

The fall, it was scary,

Scarier than death I must say

it was all the more overwhelming, in a way

As I had stopped caring.

I had given no more ears

No more insecurity

No more bullying

No more pushing

I landed with a smile and a bounce

Dropped in the lap of a trampoline.

I had survived the fast fearful fall.

Saviour of me, the trampoline.

Two new things for this tall tall scraper

The trampoline, my newly found attitude

And I, a wiser feminine


16 thoughts on “The Pushes

  1. That’s amazing! I found you on Community Pool. I’m sorry you had to go through this experience but you turned your pain into a positive. You have a lot of talent.


  2. Good one mukthi!! πŸ™‚
    Listen to this song -‘fight song’ by Rachel Platten. It was kind of playing in my head when I was reading your work. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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