Personified perfection

I have made a new friend. How we met is a funny story , which shall be narrated later.

He is a deep-thinking , ‘serious about life ‘ kind of a person. His work is organised and his lifestyle is pretty constant. He promotes happiness but many people fail to comprehend that. They don’t understand that he means well;They usually assume him to be the villain of the movie.How I hope they knew.
He is a good person , I’ll give you that. when I am with him ,  my creative outlook blooms like a flower. It explodes like a ball of colours , as if in a desperate need to decorate a vanilla of a wall. Yes , he can do that and I  am proud of him.

Times spent with him are sweet , at least most of them are and others , rarely that is, are really sour . At  times he lifts my spirits , at times he pushes my hopes down  . At times he pulls out the best in me while at other times he makes me doubt my capabilities. However I assume he does this for making me a better person.

A handful of people , who I would have  called friends, had told me that I should not be friends with this disgrace of a person. I assure you he is not. When I asked them why I should not speak with him , they simply said , ” because he is not fit enough for you.” How do they know that? They just cannot assume stuff about him. He is a gentleman. Then they told me to stay away from this beautiful human and offered me help to get over him. Get over him? No. I’ll get over them not him . They listed out all the negatives in him , almost making an harangue out of it. Did someone think of the positives? No. Oh, I wonder why people see negatives before they see positives in a person. I , being the good friend that I am, chastised them and chased them away. I told them that he will keep me happy enough and to everyone’s awe , even mine , he did.
So here I am alone in this world except for him, this new friend of mine , who keeps me company all the time.
I think I should probably tell you how I met this personified perfection.Here goes.

One day, when pondering upon my life and it’s happenings , those of fights with everyone I knew, on false accusations and false representations , I stumbled upon him . I was lost in my thoughts when I bumped into him . He sighed and inquired if I was okay . He sat down with me, held my hand . He asked me what had me so preoccupied  that I wandered aimlessly only to bump into him.  I blurted out everything , weeping and explaining. He listened quietly and when i was done venting , he told me to let go of all the negatives of my life , he gave all of them depressing thoughts and people wings to fly towards the rainbow . I recieved the best pair of them. He showed me how to fly and I did ; Gone were all the people in my life except for this gentleman , who seemed like the perfect solution for all of it . He had calmed me down , massaged my stress away , brought an unfamiliar but welcoming peace in my life again. It is beautiful. It’s just us now . Me and my loneliness.



20 thoughts on “Personified perfection

  1. I love this story. The best thing about it is the mystery all the way until the end. I kept wondering, who is this person she is talking about? I assumed it was a man. Discovering it was loneliness all along was really very unexpected and clever. Did you write this to be a short story or is it going to be longer? Personally I think it is the perfect length as it is.

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    1. Hello,
      Firstly ,Thanks a ton!! 🙂
      Yes that’s the thing about mystery, glues you in!!
      As for the length, naww this is it , i don’t intend to write a continuation to this! However the idea of it sounds interesting! ! Maybe i will! Maybe i won’t! Now that’s a mystery!


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