Silvery flakes drifted down,

swirling in subtle light of the cloudy night.

silvery flakes landed on my feet,

chilled every nerve, every cell of me.


Cold winds swayed along;

wailing of the cold and cursed;

cold winds caressed my face,

whispering all the secrets,the bad and the worst.


A white patch here , a white patch there,

slowly and steadily the sleet strewed.

a white patch now everywhere,

gathered all human and all mare.


Beautiful she looked draped in white,

as if pure delight had blessed her.

Beautiful just like this,

calm and cold, this city I prefer.


With each passing hour, temperatures

dropped, inches of snow to rise.

With each passing hour, more

and more cars skid sidewise.


Faster and faster , colder and bolder,

the winds rattled and battled the pines;

Faster and faster , taller and broader,

one by one the mighty trees gave up their spines.


Lost in the snow, numerous lives;

hid numerous colours, the snow’s underside.

Lost because of the snow , little kids

and their happy games, moved inside.


A day and one more,the blizzard

blew painfully, paralyzing this city.

A day and one more , the blizzard

calmed down, breathing life back, with pity.


The city was hit, it’s children had bruise

the very next day, rebuilding the city, we chose.

The city was hit but that is old news;

We melt right after we froze.


Destroyed, damaged, damned;

down we went , lost in nothingness.

Elevated,elated and energized

up we came, rising from the stale.


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