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The impolite night


A “tritina” style of poem is a contraction of the sestina to three stanzas of three lines (tercets), with a one-line envoy. The order of the line-ending words follows the same pattern as that of the sestina, so that they appear: 123, 312, 231 with the envoy as 123.

That night was impolite,
for it led to thinking in a manner,knotted
for my thoughts were the night’s colour, livid.

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This steel will steal,
my feal and my feel.
This steel will steal,
me from my home,real, for a petty rial.
This steel will steal,
my sequel and all i can do will be squeal.
This steel will steal,
for cruel humans looking for money’s deal.

This was a description that i wrote for the picture above , which was clicked by my sister Devanshi. check out her page for more such clicks.