Silvery flakes drifted down,

swirling in subtle light of the cloudy night.

silvery flakes landed on my feet,

chilled every nerve, every cell of me. Continue reading Snow


The impolite night


A “tritina” style of poem is a contraction of the sestina to three stanzas of three lines (tercets), with a one-line envoy. The order of the line-ending words follows the same pattern as that of the sestina, so that they appear: 123, 312, 231 with the envoy as 123.

That night was impolite,
for it led to thinking in a manner,knotted
for my thoughts were the night’s colour, livid.

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This steel will steal,
my feal and my feel.
This steel will steal,
me from my home,real, for a petty rial.
This steel will steal,
my sequel and all i can do will be squeal.
This steel will steal,
for cruel humans looking for money’s deal.

This was a description that i wrote for the picture above , which was clicked by my sister Devanshi. check out her page for more such clicks.

Personified perfection

I have made a new friend. How we met is a funny story , which shall be narrated later.

He is a deep-thinking , ‘serious about life ‘ kind of a person. His work is organised and his lifestyle is pretty constant. He promotes happiness but many people fail to comprehend that. They don’t understand that he means well;They usually assume him to be the villain of the movie.How I hope they knew. Continue reading Personified perfection