The impolite night


A “tritina” style of poem is a contraction of the sestina to three stanzas of three lines (tercets), with a one-line envoy. The order of the line-ending words follows the same pattern as that of the sestina, so that they appear: 123, 312, 231 with the envoy as 123.

That night was impolite,
for it led to thinking in a manner,knotted
for my thoughts were the night’s colour, livid.

Regretful actions take place in a state of livid.
Introspective actions take place in a night impolite.
Revengeful actions take place in a way knotted.

A wish to not be knotted.
a few years since that night,born out of my livid,
but life is not a wish granting factory, it is impolite.

Because , they die with me, my impolite,knotted and livid.


25 thoughts on “The impolite night

  1. I once was very fond of haiku.Now i lost the touch.
    Three lines,first line 5 syllables,second line 7 syllables and third line again 5 syllables.
    The third line is the best of haiku should be a surprising one,
    From time to time
    The clouds give rest
    To the moon-beholders.
    – Matsuo Bashō

    Got it?


  2. Mainly haiku are abut nature and season.but i believe we can write on anything.This was the one i liked very much from my haiku-
    Tempting me to touch,
    Tiny blossomed flowers on,
    Both her smiling cheeks.


  3. That’s a very interesting style, I learnt something today. It’s beautiful how you expressed with the restriction, and it does sound rhythmic. Really enjoyed it!

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  4. Wow, you know so much about poetry! I need to educate myself more, now I seem to just slap things down and hope for the best (really selling my stuff there) but honestly, this poem was amazing. Sublime writing, I can’t wait to read more of your amazing works x

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